Discover, Learn and Achieve

GeoSLAM Academy is first and foremost a place of learning – where you can come and really ‘get under the bonnet’ of GeoSLAM technology. Here, you can learn more about our handheld laser scanners, discover the best practices for data capture in challenging environments, and how to use our data in a variety of third party software applications.

The Academy’s resources include videos, how-to guides and presentations, in an easy-to-use, accessible format.

You can also find more information on upcoming webinars, events and roadshows in your region, and how to book a pilot project with us.

The Academy's online training is split up to three sections; Hardware, Survey and Software.

This section provides in-depth information on how to use our hardware products – the ZEB-REVO RT, ZEB-REVO and ZEB-CAM.

This section provides information on best-practice scanning techniques as well as how to survey in difficult areas. Topics such as; route planning, breaking down large scans and scanning for colourisation are all included here.

The software section details how to get the most out of GeoSLAM’s own software – HUB and DRAW, as well as step-by-step guides and advice on many downstream applications, such as scan-to-BIM, construction verification and more.

So please do explore the different sections of the site – we hope that these resources will help you to discover, learn and achieve with GeoSLAM!

Demo Data Page provides you with data samples, pre- and post- processed for you to be able to have a look at, and try and process additional deliverables, outputs and apply in different downstream applications.

This section provides you with easy step-by-step guides how to overcome most common challenges you might be experiencing.

If you would like more info on our products, have particular question or want to book a training or enquiry bout a pilot project, please use do not hesitate to contact us here.

To start learning, please have a look at GeoSLAM solutions overview video below: