REVO Real-Time System

This section defines all you need to know about ZEB REVO Real-Time Unit. This system has live feedback on data capture. If yo are looking for the ZEB REVO Standard, please press here.

HINT: Before starting to scan with ZEB REVO, it is important to pre-plan your survey. If you haven't done so already, please have a look at the Survey Preparation page. If you are looking for how to process data, please see HUB section.


The video above shows the step-by-step operation for ZEB-REVO RT

Connecting for the first time

Once you have reveiced your ZEB-REVO RT System, when connecting to the wifi, please use the wifi password: zebedee12

This is standard for all the systems and can be changed in the web user interface in settings.

ZEB-REVO RT Contents

The ZEB-REVO RT consists of a 2D time-of-flight laser range scanner rigidly coupled to an inertial measurement unit (IMU) mounted on a motor drive. The motion of the scanning head on the motor drive provides the third dimension required to generate 3D information. A novel 3D simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithm is used to combine the 2D laser scan data with the IMU data to generate accurate 3D point clouds. The ZEB-REVO scanning head captures raw laser range measurement and inertial data. This data is registered into a homogenous 3D point cloud in near real time by the ZEB-REVO RT Data Processing Unit. The resulting point cloud data can be downloaded from the Data Processing Unit and imported into the GeoSLAM Hub desktop application for further processing and/or export in a range of standard point cloud file formats.