How to change the time on the ZEB-REVO Datalogger

This document guides you through the steps required to change the time settings on a ZEB-REVO datalogger.

Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

If you still require assistance, please email for help.

1. Download USB Prepare 1.2, from the following url:

2. Once downloaded and opened, plug a USB stick into your machine.


3. Select the USB stick in ‘Drive’ (see image below)

4. Then click ‘Set Time and Date’ and set this to the local time and date.

5. Then click ‘Prepare’.

This will save a file to the USB stick called settings.

6. Plug the USB stick into the datalogger using the USB cable (GS_610024) and turn on.

This will update the datalogger with the new time and date.