How to use the ZEB Uploader to upload and flag data sets

1. Install the latest version of the ZEB Uploader from:

2. Run the *.exe file to install it.

3. Run the program and enter your username and password.

If you need a username/password or have forgotten yours, please email

4. Upload the raw data sets individually, each will need to be in a zip file. Standard REVO files are already in a zip file and can be uploaded as they are. If your data is a .geoslam file, it will need to be zipped before uploading.

5. Flag each data set by clicking the icon next to it.

6. You do not need to pay for scans or use credits. 1 credit will be allocated to your account to keep it active.

Note: We send the results by email if the scan can be corrected, so make sure the email registered to your account is correct.