GeoSLAM HUB lets you to process data from Standard REVO system and create more outputs of Real-Time system, such as coloured point clouds for example.

It contains HUB Viewer which lets you view your data and add notes to the point cloud. You can as well share the views through a free viewer application, GeoSLAM Viewer, accessible from GeoSLAM Resources page.

Main User Interface 5.0

GeoSLAM HUB User interface consists of Data, Config and Status tabs. The video below shows all functions and features included in HUB 5.0

hub5.0 overview.mp4

Main User Interface HUB 4.1

GeoSLAM HUB User interface consists of Start, Data and Setup options.


START Option

  • insert your dongle
  • checks the status of your licensing, engine and credits

DATA Option

  • where you can drag and drop your scans from the REVO, unpack and view them
  • allows you to process and create additional outputs

SETUP Option

  • where actions such as calibration and software update take place

This video shows how to MERGE multiple scans in HUB. The workflow consists of:

  • Pressing Merge button
  • Selecting Scans to merge
  • Aligning Scans rigidly
  • Running fine algnment tool

Important: the scans have to have at least 20% overlap

Colourising the point cloud from video data

If the ZEB-CAM was used during the survey, it is good to make the most of this data.

Firstly, for capturing the data with the ZEB-CAM please see the Scanning with Colour in Mind section, if you haven't done so already.

Once camera data is captured and copied, it can be processed in HUB to colourise the point cloud and synchronise the video trajectories with the scan data.

This allows you to see the video in HUB Viewer and online, and it makes it possible to simply use it in third party applications, such as ContextCapture.

When wanting to colourise your point cloud you need to reprocess your data with the following steps:

  • Add additional point cloud with ZEB-CAM + Shaded for the colour;
  • Import the video (if you have 2 videos for one scan, make sure the sequence of them is correct);
  • Process.

Advanced Processing Settings