Breaking Down Big Scans

This section applies for projects in scanning large areas or buildings requiring multiple scans.

Breaking Down Recommendations:

    • One scan should not exceed longer than 25-30 minutes
    • There must be at least 20% overlap between the scans

This is necessary for merging the scans together at a later stage.

In order to scan large sites it is important to pre-plan the survey and be able to answer the questions:

  • How large my scan area is?
  • How long will it take to scan it all? How many scans will it take?
  • Where are the main points for overlap?

A great example of how to identify and organise your scans is shown in this picture representing a survey plan. The area has been split up into 20-minute scans with enough overlap for further most processing and merging.

Please review Route Planing section

Please review Loop Closures section