Capturing On-Trajectory Reference Points

One of the latest features in GeoSLAM solutions is capturing on-trajectory reference points. This means that if the system is kept stable for 5 - 10 seconds on the known coordinate or reference point, that position is extracted and encrypted in trajectory file. This can be used for geo-registering or registering the point cloud in post-processing stage in a particular grid. The video below shows how these points need to be captured.

  • Once scanning is started and the reference point is approached, keep the system stable on the point for 5 - 10 seconds.
  • There needs to be at least 3 well distributed points

Processing Reference Points in HUB

Once captured, the data needs to be reprocessed in HUB for the reference points to be generated. The further workflow on how to use these points and geo-reference or reference your data can be found in GeoSLAM DRAW Section.

Reference Points Reprocessing.mp4
  • Import the data
  • Unpack it
  • Review your scan
  • Reprocess
  • Save the results
  • Reference points text file is found in the results folder