Route Planning

Route planning or survey pre-planning is a very important stage to data capture. It helps to avoid errors and make sure the survey time and quality is optimised.

Hint: If you are capturing large areas and buildings like stadiums, airports, hotels and similar, please do not forget to have a look at Breaking Down Big Scans section.

Before the start of each survey it is important to pre-plan the best route, assess the environment and its main challenges.

“A short time spent route planning will ultimately save time in the long run, and will give you the greatest chance for the best quality scan.”

Assess the Environment:

    • How big is the object of capture? – will the scanning take longer than 30 minutes?
    • What will be your route plan – is it possible to close the loops?
    • Are there any complications – narrow spaces, tunnel environments, moving objects?

Once you can answer these questions with appropriate solutions, you can start your scan.

Take action:

    • Open all the doors
    • Ensure you can close the loop(s)
    • Identify challenges, such as narrow spaces, occlusions, extremely shiny objects and similar
    • If the area of scan is large, pre-plan the survey to break down the scans into sections (for further guidance on this task, see Breaking Down Big Scans)

Further in this training it will be explained how to best approach different scanning environments, optimise your survey and achieve the best result.

Please review Survey Preparation section

Please review Breaking Down Big Scans section