Transitioning Between Environments


When going from one room to another or transitioning between two different environments it is important to make sure there is enough overlapping data between the two environments.

This can be done by:

  • Opening all the doors before starting the scan – established in the Route Planning Stage
  • Slowing down the pace at which you are conducting the scan
  • Scanning features in both rooms simultaneously as slowly transitioning through the doorway/staircase etc.
  • Create arks around door frames and openings

When transitioning in between environments it is good to keep in mind that SLAM is looking for features to match the points hence if the scanner can identify different features on the way the end result will look great. In some cases, especially having multiple doors on the way, if they are opened once scanning and closed straight away after passing, this would eliminate the possibility for SLAM to find more features.

Sometimes, when scanning outoods and moving through corners it is good to point the scanner to the feature of capture. This will help to make sure there is no drift and there is enough of confidence for feature mapping.

Please review Loop Closures section